This document establishes the general contracting and use conditions of the Onewinner APPS (hereinafter "EULA") of the Spanish company WORLD TOURNAMENTS S.L. (hereinafter "WT"). The EULAs regulate the contractual relationship between WT and the natural persons who use WT's online services (hereinafter, the "user" or "player") through the APPS. Onewinner ("APPS").
These conditions are also applicable to all content that users send or download from the WT APPS, for example, in e-mails, contributions in forums, contributions in the guestbook and in chats.
Onewinner is a platform for games of skill and a platform for communication that offers the possibility of making money on the Internet in certain countries. Users have the ability to participate in duels or tournaments against other players and to win real money or participate in demo games with a daily limitation.
Please read these conditions carefully. If you do not accept these EULAs, do not use these APPS or the services they offer. By using the APPS, the user accepts the EULAs in force at the time of access. WT may modify these EULAs at any time by updating this website. We recommend that you visit these EULAs regularly because they link to you.






1.1. Game types: WT mainly distinguishes between two types of games: Demo games, and games with real winnings. Players who enter a demo game will be able to participate interchangeably with users of any skill level, and regardless of the amount played in the challenge, without ever receiving a real prize. Demo games will have a defined limitation for each game.
1.2. Registration: the use of the online services of the APPS requires registration as a user. Registration itself is free and no registration fee will be charged. There is no registration right, that is, WT may deny registration as a Player in without specifying the reasons.
1.3. Username: The username cannot be an email address or a web page, nor can it violate the rights of a third party or violate good manners.
1.4. Password: for security reasons, the password may not be identical to the username and may be modified if necessary by the latter. The chosen password may not be a juxtaposition of serial numbers (eg "2345678") or letters (eg "ABCDEFG"); it is advisable to choose a mixture of numbers and letters and, where appropriate, alternative characters. The user must keep the password secret and change it regularly (approx. Every 2 months).
WT does not accept any responsibility nor is it obliged to compensate the user who violates these obligations and because of this an unauthorized third party plays on her behalf and / or affects the availability of her account. WT will not provide the password to third parties since it is encrypted and you do not have access to it. WT will not request a user's password by email or phone. For password recovery, WT makes the necessary means available to the user.
1.5. Prohibition of multiple registration: WT is not allowed to register more than once, or to open or have different user accounts. User accounts are personal and non-transferable.

1.6.1. Terms of use: Registered users can use the games offered on the platform. The use of the gaming platform or some games may be linked to certain requirements demanded by WT, such as type of game, age of majority, payment methods, number of games played, special rules for games, etc.
1.6.2. Limitations on use: the right of users to use the WT APPS and its functions will only exist as long as the current state of the art allows it. The user acknowledges and accepts that the operation of the APPS may suffer failures and / or temporary limitations of use, which may be due, among other reasons, to: technical failures, suspension or failure of telecommunications, power supply, as well as to errors in hardware or software, etc. WT does not accept any type of responsibility for this type of malfunction.
1.6.3. Hardware / software / connection: It is the responsibility of the players to update and optimize the hardware and software available to them as well as their Internet connection.
1.6.4. Maintenance tasks: Maintenance tasks will be carried out especially in order to maintain the security and integrity of the server, and will be announced to users through the APPS. While these maintenance tasks are carried out, the functions of the WT APPS will be partially or totally not available. The games that are in progress at the time of the start of the maintenance tasks will be interrupted and canceled, by entering into the users account the balance consumed for participation in the canceled game.


1.7.1. Data entry: the data required by WT at the time of registration must be entered completely and correctly. These data are, for example: a valid email address, a player name, a password, name and surname, date of birth, ordinary email address. If necessary, the bank account data, the mobile phone number and optionally the landline number, as well as the identity card or passport data. There is no right to a certain username or password.
Please pay attention to all information regarding data protection. In the event that the data is not correct, WT reserves at all times the right to challenge the contract, to exclude a user from participating in the offer of the APPS services and to deny him the payment of the earnings or the existing balance in the player account. If the user does not disclose the changes to their data, for WT the latest data provided by the user is decisive and the latter may be liable to the possible inconveniences caused by a late update of the same.
1.7.2. Modification of data: if after registration there is a modification of the personal data entered, the user is obliged to correct and update the data immediately, or to notify WT, for example, by email to the following address:
1.7.3. Data protection declaration: WT follows the data protection regulations, especially those that concern the Personal Data Protection Law (Organic Law 15/1999 Spanish). This law is used to protect the personal data of users of online services at the time of acquisition, processing and use of such personal data. According to the regulations of the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, WT can only acquire, process and use the personal data provided by users if there is legal / official permission to do so, if users give their consent to do so or if they are essential for formalize the contract and manage the settlement of the services that WT offers. The use of personal data occurs regularly only to perform the functions of the APPS and to manage the settlements of the online services offered by WT.
1.7.4. Revocation of the authorization: in the event that WT wants to use your personal data for other purposes without explicit authorization from you to do so, your consent and / or approval will be requested in advance. This request may be communicated electronically. If this case occurs, you would be duly informed about all the peculiarities and purposes of the use of your personal data at the time of offering you the services of these APPS. You can cancel your authorization at any time if you wish. You have the right of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation, for this, it is sufficient to send an e-mail requesting the cancellation to the following address:
In the event that you register with WT through one of our partners or affiliates, you will be asked for your authorization to transfer your user data to said partner for advertising purposes or for the management of the service. If you do not agree with the transfer of your data to third parties, you can send a cancellation e-mail to the following address:
1.7.5. Other technical evaluations: in order to offer you a satisfactory service, other technical evaluations will be used to facilitate the carrying out of the navigability analyzes of the users. These analyzes will be carried out anonymously and without being able to personally identify you. The collected data will be analyzed to optimize the services of these APPS and temporarily stored until the end of the evaluation, after which the data will be permanently deleted.
1.7.6. Use of user profiles with a pseudonym: provided that you do not express your disagreement, WT will be authorized to prepare user profiles for advertising purposes, market research or for the personalization and adaptation of the services of these APPS to each user using pseudonyms or names. fictitious (never real names). In the event that you do not agree with such use of your user data, you can send an e-mail to
1.7.7. Security standards: both WT and its partners or affiliates use security techniques and measures (such as encryption with SSL and cryptographic procedures) that meet technical standards so that you can use the services of these APPS in complete safety and with protection against misuse from third parties.
In the event that during the access or use of the services of these APPS the transfer of your personal data to third parties is necessary, we will inform you about it before making such transfer.
You can use our services by choosing a username. If the IP address through which you are using the services of these APPS allows your identification, you can take other measures to hide your true identity.
1.7.8. Provision of information: we will gladly answer your request to consult the personal data that WT has stored in reference to you. If you want information about the data that WT has recorded, please contact Customer Service. We will answer your questions in detail as soon as possible.


1.8.1. Deletions of user accounts: the user can unsubscribe her user account within two weeks from the date of registration of that account. To process the withdrawal, it is sufficient to send a written note to WORLD TOURNAMENTS S.L. Calle La Coruña, No. 64 - 04740 Roquetas de Mar - Almería - Spain or an email to It is not necessary to specify the reason. If the cancellation is presented in due time, the user will no longer be bound by the conditions of use of this document. However, if in the course of those 14 days, the user participates in a duel or tournament with a real money amount in the WT APPS, the user account will be automatically registered again.
1.8.2. Right of withdrawal by the user: the user may at any time terminate the contract for the use of WT services unless there are special conditions in the use contract that stipulate otherwise. To exercise the right of withdrawal, written notification to WORLD TOURNAMENTS S.L. is sufficient. Calle La Coruña, No. 64 - 04740 Roquetas de Mar - Almería - Spain or an email to After checking the payment conditions, the balance of the user account will be converted into cash and refunded by WT to the user in the bank account designated for that purpose by said user within a period of up to 30 working days. If the user does not provide the details of the bank account, it will proceed according to the provisions of point 3.2.6. of these EULA. Because according to point 3.2.2. a payment can only be made for a sum greater than € 20.00, any lower amount will be retained by WT for the management of the cancellation of the user account.
1.8.3. Right of withdrawal by WT: WT can ordinarily terminate the service use contract of these APPS within two weeks before the end of the month. Likewise, WT reserves the right to terminate in advance the contract of use of the service of these APPS for reasons of force majeure, as well as the deletion of the user account and the right to block it in accordance with the provisions of these EULAs.


1.9.1. Limitation of liability: WT is not responsible for losses, damages, or infractions caused by access and / or use or attempted access and / or use by a user, by downloading data or by any other means of obtain the information from WT, unless it is due to gross negligence or intent. WT is responsible for its legal representatives only in case of intent or gross negligence, and for its executive assistants only in case of negligence, as long as the obligations contained in the contract are not violated. The responsibility for physical, vital and health damages is unlimited.
1.9.2. Failures: WT assumes no responsibility for failures in the entry, transmission and / or use of data, as it is outside its area of ​​influence.
1.9.3. Incomplete data: WT reserves the right to rectify obvious errors regarding the introduction of data on the amounts of the games, prizes, fees, etc. anytime.
1.9.4. Misuse: WT is not responsible for any damages, whatever they may be, resulting from misuse of the accounts by a user or a third party.
1.9.5. Early termination: If WT is responsible for the early termination of a duel or tournament, participating users may be refunded the amount of the game. WT is not responsible for indirect or consequential damages.
1.9.6. Winnings: WT is not responsible for any winnings or potential winnings, nor for the winnings of a duel or tournament ended prematurely.
1.9.7. Responsibility for content: WT is responsible for its own content, which it makes available for use in the APPS. However, WT is not responsible for external offers to which it only provides access (for example through links). WT makes it explicit that it has no responsibility for the external content of pages accessed through a link


1.10.1. Communications: all the declarations that are notified in what is established in the utilization contract that is signed with WT must be made in writing or by email. WT's email address is
1.10.2. Modification of EULAs: WT reserves the right to modify these EULAs at any time and without specifying the reason. The conditions that are modified will be sent by the WT to the users by means of an email indicating the place of the WT APPS where the revised EULAs can be seen, no later than two weeks before their entry into force. WT can also send players EULA modifications through the gaming platform's information systems. If the player does not make any opposition to the application of the new EULA in the two weeks following the receipt of the email, they will be considered accepted. If the player rejects the new version of the EULA, WT may thus terminate the contract according to point 3.6.3.


Although any provision of these EULAs has no effect or is declared null, it will not affect the rest of the provisions. The ineffective or null provision will be considered replaced by another with legal effect that approaches the meaning and purpose of the ineffective or null provision. The same applies to eventual legal loopholes.


These EULAs are subject to Spanish legislation.


WT only offers the possibility to register in certain countries and states. If at the time of registration a user provides incorrect or false information about her place of residence, WT has the right to challenge the contract with the user.


The user must take into account all the laws generated from the use of WT that are valid in the country or state where the user resides. In the event that the user uses the WT offer and that these local and national laws or regulations limit or prohibit the use of WT, that is, in the event that the user acts illegitimately, the contract will not be valid.
If you are not sure whether you are allowed to use WT due to the laws in force in your state or country of residence, ask for legal advice before registering. WT is not responsible for the legal legality of its offer. WT will cooperate with local authorities if necessary.


2.1. The user will be able to participate in demonstration games without this implying a decrease in the balance of his account, in the same way that he will not receive any prize or consideration regardless of the result of the game in this modality.
2.2. The number of demo games for each game will have a limitation as established by WT.
2.3. Other Information: Information on games, game rules, and other game development provisions related to practice duels are found in the WT APPS.



3.1.1. Registration as an OW Player: to participate as an OW Player, you must enter the data required at the time of registration, as well as deposit cash for a minimum value of € 5.00, the currency currently in force in OW. Said cash income will automatically be converted into real money convertible gaming credits, which can be used in the APPS. Each game credit convertible into real money equals € 1.
3.1.2. Verification of age: only natural persons of legal age with the capacity to contract may register as OW Players. Children under the age of 18 are excluded from participation in games of skill with the possibility of making money in the APPS. In order to comply with the provisions regarding the protection of minors, WT reserves the right to carry out an age verification process. Therefore, registration will not be allowed to all those under the age of 18, any breach of this requirement, or error in the information not accredited, will be reason for blocking the account.
The age verification can be done automatically through a conclusive test that is based on the data provided by the user. In the event that the person making the registration does not have in their possession a national identification document issued in Spain, WT will request that the user's age be proven by means of another document of equal value in their country that verifies their age.
3.1.3. Limitation of participation: the collaborators (and their corresponding employees) and employees of WT and the businesses in which they participate do not have the right to take part in the games with profits, however, they can participate in order to analyze the offer of services offered by the APPS, without being able to get personal earnings or for WT, therefore, they can only play in the Demo mode.


3.2.1. OW Player: WT makes a User Account or Player Account of game credits convertible into cash (hereinafter, the "User Account") available to OW Players. This will be opened without expenses once the money has been deposited in the OW account indicated for that purpose at the time of registration as an OW Player. The User Account will have the sole purpose of allowing OW to manage the winnings and losses of the game games and the payment of OW commissions, that is, for WT to perform its management functions, by order of the OW Player. The User Account does not accrue interest in favor of the user. The balances of the user accounts can only be used to play in the WT APPS and to pay the amounts and commissions in favor of WT. The balances of the User Account are convertible into cash and refundable in accordance with the provisions set forth in sections 3.2.2. to 3.2.6. of these EULA.

3.2.2. Withdrawals: OW Players have the right to convert all or part of their gaming credits into cash twice a month, provided that the amount resulting from said conversion is at least € 20.00 (letter: twenty euros) and six weeks have passed since the first entry as an OW Player. WT will not make payments of less than € 20 in any case. Payment to the user of the cash will be made through a bank transfer or other payment manager at the request of the interested party and for the benefit of a bank account within the country entered by the user, with the corresponding effect for WT debt relief . WT is not obliged to check the legitimacy of the account holder. Payment will be made no earlier than two weeks after the request by the user. Bonuses awarded by WT (eg bonuses for recharging your user account balance), as well as income from promotions, raffles and bonus systems such as the daily challenge, cannot be reimbursed in cash. Indirect payments (such as through PayPal, Click & Buy, Paysafecard, etc.), cannot be directly refunded without having played them. In these cases, the user will be informed during the refund process or during the participation in the promotion that the corresponding amount has been converted into game credits and credited to their user account to be used only as a free in-game bonus.
3.2.3. Legitimation Verification: For security reasons, WT is authorized to verify the legitimacy of the user before making any cash refund. In this case, the user is obliged to present, along with the written request for the refund and the details of her bank account and her bank, a photocopy of her identity card or passport.
3.2.4. Closing the OW Player account: WT can close the OW Player user account without having to indicate the reasons and at its discretion, when more than six months have elapsed since the last time the user participated in games with cash enrollment or in case the contract ends because the user has unsubscribed. With the closure of the user account, the service provision contract with WT is terminated. If the user does not notify different bank details, the balance of the User Account will be reimbursed in the last bank account that the user has indicated for this purpose, as long as the user has a balance greater than € 20. In the event of exceptional termination of the contract, WT enforces its right to retain the balance of the user account due to a possible right to compensation to the same WT or third parties, or to the right of conventional fine.
3.2.5. Expiration: if the refund is not possible, WT will keep this amount without interest until it expires in a collective account. The right to reimbursement expires a year. The expiration begins with the end of the year in which the User Account has been closed.
WT regularly donates non-refunded amounts as a result of, for example, an expiration, a player's resignation or conventional fines, in support of non-profit organizations.


3.3.1. Game credits duels convertible into cash: with the participation in a duel or tournament, the user charges WT at the same time and irrevocably the charge in his user account of the amount set at the start of the duel ("amount of the duel "or" amount "), as well as the commissions of your player account described in point 3.4.7 .; commissions to WT described in point 3.4.7 .; as well as the payment to the winner (s) of each duel of the winnings in the game or taking over the net profit of the loser / s and paying it to the User Account. The amount will be demandable when participating in a duel or tournament. In this case it is game credits convertible into real money. An amount is not callable in OW Player demo duels. The amount of the games varies and is shown to the user before taking part in the duel. With the start of the duel or tournament, the amount is charged to the User Account. If there is not enough balance, the user will not be able to take part in the duel or tournament with game credits convertible into cash.
WT is authorized in advance to limit individually or generally the amounts of the games, including the processing fees, per match or tournament and / or per day.
3.3.2. Winnings: Except for progressive win duels, the win to be obtained from all duels with game credits convertible into cash will be shown at the beginning of the match. The amount of payout for tournaments with progressive winnings depends on the number of games and the frequency of player participation.
3.3.3. Game Interruption: If a game is interrupted prematurely due to a technical failure, WT will not be responsible for such interruption. In these cases the game will have ended and cannot be resumed, so the last score and the last status of the winnings transmitted to WT will be taken into account to decide the winner. In the event that a user disconnects from the game (for example: connection drop, APP closure, Software or Hardware problems, etc ...), he will be disqualified from the game, continuing this game whenever possible.
3.3.4. Reimbursement of earnings: WT will make cash refunds within a maximum period of six months; in the case of special earnings or promotions, she will deliver the winnings only personally, inviting her for this purpose to the headquarters of the company or to another place. In these cases, the refund may depend on the result of the user's participation in a live test to verify the authenticity of their abilities.
3.3.5. Participation Limit: WT reserves the right to limit the number of participating players or playing time of a duel or tournament.

3.4.1. Money deposits by transfer: money deposits must be made by bank transfer in the country of residence to the account set up by WT for this purpose.
The user can only participate in duels and tournaments when the transfer is credited to this bank account, at which time they will be converted into game credits and credited to their user account. With the payment, the user declares to provide a deposit for money deposit, and the right of WT to a remuneration and a reward of expenses, as well as compensation for damages and a conventional fine.
3.4.2. Income of money through other payment methods: WT is authorized revocable, but not obliged, to accept payments by credit card, account charge or other payment methods. With each debit order, the WT user authorizes the collection of the amount set in the indicated bank account. The user authorizes without revocation that in the event that the account cannot be debited, the bank will provide WT (or one of the companies responsible for debt collection by WT) with the full name, date of birth and the stored address of the user. The user also agrees that his bank entity transfers the aforementioned data to WT (or to a company in charge of debt collection by WT) in order to process the charge, and that such data is stored by WT (and the entities in charge of collection) until the debt has been satisfied.
3.4.3. Payment status: payments of the amounts paid as game credits convertible into cash in the User Account, of the amounts and of the commissions will be considered made when they have been irrevocably credited to the WT bank account and when they have been deducted from the User Account. The use made of the amounts entered will only be the intended use that the user receives from the WT system. WT will immediately order the amounts entered in the corresponding User Accounts.
WT is revocable, but not required, to allow a player to participate in a duel or tournament prior to receiving payment.
3.4.4. Compensation for special costs in the payment service: if during the recharging or processing of the player account, the user generates special costs for the payment service: especially costs generated due to returned payments (for example, return of transfers or payments through card) or to fees for transfers to or from abroad (for example by refunding winnings or account balance), WT is authorized to deduct these costs from the player account.
For the procedures of the returned payments processed by WT, a minimum amount of € 12 will be charged for each returned payment, as well as an additional € 3.50 for each reminder notice.
WT reserves the right to claim resulting damage, especially compensation to third parties for the processing of returns of payments (for example, collection and legal costs). The user will assume all the costs, when a credit to the User Account is recharged for the attributable reasons (for example, refund of the account charge due to a cancellation, insufficient account coverage or an incorrect bank account number ).
In addition, WT is authorized in this case to contract a collection management company to manage the collection of the debts generated by the user, and to transfer the debts and costs originated by the user to the collection company.
3.4.5. Solvency check: WT reserves the right to check the user's solvency at the time of payment in the agreed manner and therefore to transmit the personal data (name and surname, date of birth, amount of income with management fees included) to the associated rating and / or collection management agencies, which will be stored and used by these companies in order to check the solvency. Associates will refer to information on solvency based on mathematical-statistical processes.
3.4.6. WT Commissions for transactions and inactivity: WT will charge a commission for each duel of convertible game credits in real money for the preparation of the games as well as for the management and administration of User Accounts and partners. The profit shown to the player after choosing a type of duel and amount is the net profit with the discount of these commissions for management and administration. If the user plays less than 30 real money duels in a 6-month period, WT may charge an inactivity fee amounting to a single payment of € 6 (in letters: € 6) for record keeping. WT will charge the amount of € 1 for each payment you make from a User Account. As for the bank's commissions that may originate eventually from transfers abroad, they will be borne by the beneficiary of the payment. To unsubscribe a User Account, WT will charge a global amount of € 3 (in letters: three euros).
3.4.7. Deduction in the User Account: WT will deduct the earnings, amounts and commissions directly from the User Account. If for any reason this deduction in the User Account is higher than the balance available, the user will be immediately obliged to make a deposit of € 10 in her User Account.
3.4.8. Return of income: WT will never refund the amount of the purchase made once said purchase is effective unless it is proven that said purchase has not been made by the owner of the means of payment, after providing the corresponding complaint.


Any player can request a withdrawal of funds from their OneWinner account to their account at any time, provided that the balance to be withdrawn is not subject to any promotion, for this it is only necessary that their national identity document or passport be provided to OneWinner by the means that OneWinner deems appropriate. The image of the player's identification document is essential to make any withdrawal of money to your bank account or PayPal for security reasons.
To access any type of withdrawal, the user must have made at least one cash deposit of an amount greater than or equal to the bonus obtained. The minimum withdrawal will be € 20.
Withdrawals will apply the commissions in force at the time of withdrawal.
The withdrawal of money obtained through the promotional welcome credit is limited to € 100 per user. OneWinner reserves the right to use the image of the beneficiary users in the withdrawal of money obtained through promotional credit.
The refund request will be formalized within a maximum period of 30 days.


3.6.1. Prohibition of misuse: improper behavior in WT is prohibited. It is considered especially, but not exclusively, improper use when the user:
• intentionally provides erroneous, false, incorrect or incomplete data;
• open more than one User Account or open a User Account in WT without being authorized to do so;
• cheats or attempts to cheat, especially with the use of mechanisms, computer programs, or other scripts that alter or could alter the operation of WT APPS, or that use them to achieve better results than could be achieved through common operation;
• purposely causes a breakdown or malfunction to influence a game, for example, to end a game prematurely;
• achieves or attempts to gain advantage through unfair behavior of any kind, for example cheating on an opponent, and consequently harms fair competition;
• Practice joint play together with other users in such a way that an inexperienced and uninitiated user is harmed and thus their chances of fair play and winning are curtailed;
• infringes the legal dispositions, the dispositions of the company and the rules of the games as well as the rights and obligations resulting from the EULA.
3.6.2. Principles of communication: Users are given the opportunity to contact each other, for example when they want to challenge each other for a game. In this case, users are required to exchange messages that:
• do not carry any type of visible or camouflaged advertising;
• they are neither subjective, deliberately false or hurt the honor, they are demeaning, slanderous, morally indecent or pornographic or they integrate the criminal figure;
• do not violate the rights of a third party;
• do not contain viruses or computer programs that damage the operation of third-party terminals;
• are not surveys or chain letters;
• are not intended to spread political, ideological, or religious worship;
• they are not used to collect, store or use the personal data of users without the corresponding express consent, especially for commercial purposes.
3.6.3. Measures in case of misuse: WT reserves the right to delete and / or block the User Account and / or the user, as well as to terminate the use contract without prior notice in case of abusive behaviors or of suspecting abusive behaviors, especially those detailed in points 3.6.1. and 3.6.2. The games started will be interrupted and the affected user will not receive information about the results of the games. The affected user must indemnify WT for any damages that may have been caused.
In case of blocking or cancellation of the User Account due to improper use, the user must pay a fine to WT. The amount of the fine will be obtained from the average resulting from the earnings obtained per month during the last three months before the fine is drawn down. If the contract between the user and WT does not reach three months, the average resulting from the total duration of said contract will be calculated. WT reserves the right to claim compensation for a higher amount, but the user can demonstrate that less or no damage has occurred. WT will retain the balance in favor of the user in her User Account as a fine and compensation for damages caused to both WT and third parties.
3.6.4. Measures in case of abuse: WT reserves the right to block, eliminate and communicate to the competent authorities abusive content, improper comments, etc., especially those specified in point 3.6.2. Furthermore, WT reserves the right to file a complaint.
3.6.5. Communication of problems: in the event of problems of any kind when using our services, that is, in the development of games, in the User Account, etc., users can notify it up to 90 days after the appearance of said problem. WT will delete the data resulting from the use of the APPS immediately and no later than 90 days in accordance with the provisions of the data protection provisions. No problems or claims will be considered after that period of time.
3.6.6. Comments / Suggestions: WT reserves the right to free use for unlimited time and space of user comments in the WT platform forums and also of materials, photos, suggestions and improvements in games, etc. that APPS users make available.
3.6.7. Public Relations: OW Players declare their acceptance of the publication and reproduction of their player names, photographs and recordings of them as well as the type and value of the profits obtained from their participation in the games, for advertising purposes, reports, publications in the press written, radio, television, Internet, in the case of winning a jackpot, the profit of the month / year, special prizes or more than € 1000 in a month. OW Players also declare their acceptance of the publication, use and reproduction of this data, footage and photographs taken from live events or games and tournaments with the camera, for advertising, reporting and publication purposes. OW Players will not receive any compensation for WT's use of such material.
3.6.8. The “association” of two or more players to alter the organization of any game or tournament is strictly prohibited.


Possible claims, complaints or suggestions can be addressed in writing to:
CIF B04868436
Calle La Coruña, No. 64
04740 Roquetas de Mar - Almería - Spain

or send by email to